There are the usual jobs… then there are the unusual!

When we launched Alpha Executive Cars, there were certain expectations of the kind of journeys we would be undertaking and the clients that would use our service. But there were other jobs that we wouldn’t have ever predicted! Whilst the first of those we’ll share isn’t too unusual… the second certainly made us do a double-take and check the request with the potential client!

We received a call back in July, asking us to pick up a laptop from Suffolk and take down to Kensington. The client had left it at home and needed it for an urgent meeting the next day. Not a problem – we could collect it within 15 minutes and should be able to have it in his hands within 2 hours! Naturally we set out on the journey, collected the laptop successfully and made our way to London.

The trusty sat nav wanted to take us one of the trickiest ways – along Embankment, up Northumberland Avenue, across Trafalgar Square – then up The Mall and past Buckingham Palace. Not good at the best of times – but upon passing Buckingham Palace just before 8:00pm, the exceptionally high number of people there warned us of something –we just couldn’t place it! Thankfully making it past the crowds and on to Kensington with relative ease, we delivered the laptop and began the journey back to Suffolk.

Again driving past Buckingham Palace, the crowds had developed even further. And it was then when turning on the radio to get any local traffic news, it clicked – today was the day of the birth of the royal baby! Turns out we made it past Buckingham Palace with 10 minutes to spare before the famous easel declaring the birth was brought out. A lucky escape, traffic-wise!

The next job was the one that got the team debating if it was real or not…

We received a message via our Facebook page, asking us if we could go to Bognor Regis and bring back to Stowmarket. But not a passenger – instead, 35 pies! The message explained that it was for a wedding taking place the day after the pies were delivered. They needed to be collected, kept as cool as possible and delivered to the caterers within 3½ hours to go back into the fridge. If not, there was a risk of the pies being spoiled. Of course, we were happy to oblige – never being ones to turn down a challenge!

Ensuring that we had a spare vehicle on standby (cleverly positioned in South London following a drop-off to Gatwick Airport) in case of breakdown of the lead vehicle, we arrived to collect the pies a little after 2:30pm. Loading up went without a hitch and the swift return to Suffolk was on! All being well – we’d do the run in just over 3 hours.

photo 2

Thankfully, traffic was kind – we arrived at the wedding venue to meet the caterers with about 20 minutes to spare. All pies intact. And with a cold (air conditioning was on full-blast on the way back!) and hungry driver! Hopefully the pies were worth their long journey from Sussex – there must have been something special about them!

Pleased to have been able to complete the task, the wedding went without a hitch (well, except the obvious one!) and Andy, the groom, heaped praise on us for a job well done.

Roll on the next unusual job – it’ll have to go some way to beat the pie mission!