Travelling in Style and Comfort

You have planned your journey to the airport and will be chauffeur driven in style so don’t spoil it all by wearing the wrong travel clothes. No-one wants to arrive at their destination crumpled, hot and not looking their best. Whether travelling for business or leisure check out the following advice from a seasoned traveller.

Whatever you choose to wear remember that this will be your first outfit at your destination. Investigate the weather before travelling and dress appropriately. If you layer your look then possible heat at your destination and cold air conditioning aboard can both be catered for.

Crease resistant and natural fabrics are best. Recent developments in fabric mean that there is no need to wear linen for comfort and arrive creased. Cotton is preferable as it is breathable.

A smart suit for business travel with a crumple free shirt or blouse is ideal for formal wear. A jacket or coat is great as part of the layered look with perhaps a smart t shirt for a more casual look. Both can be dressed up or down with a scarf. Loosely cut trousers – not tight jeans – or a knee length skirt would also be comfortable, especially long haul.

Shoes should be comfortable and preferably easy to slip off, both for security and ease of movement. Long walks across airports should not leave you limping and if you are travelling long distance you will probably want to wiggle your toes and wear in-flight socks. We are all aware of the dangers of DVT and travelling long distances so pregnant women and those at risk should also consider wearing pressure leggings or tights that encourage circulation when seated.

In the early days of air travel everyone dressed up for the event and whilst this custom has changed stylish is better than too casual. Comfortable does not have to be dowdy but remember to dress appropriately for limited movement and close contact with other passengers in small spaces. Miniskirts, midriff revealing or cleavage revealing clothing is best left in your suitcase