Seaports / Rail Terminals

Fast and efficient travel to sea ports, railway stations and terminals is a key part of our service. We understand the importance of being collected on time, conveyed in comfort and arriving at your destination on-time.

We are able to transport up to 6 passengers per vehicle in our relaxing and comfortable vehicles, leaving you refreshed and relaxed for your onward journey, or upon your return to your home or office.

Travelling with us enables you to avoid the unnecessary stress and cost of driving and parking yourself. It also allows you to either sit back and relax, or to take advantage of the peace and quiet to get work done whilst on the move.

On your outbound journey, our driver will collect you at the agreed time and transport you to the correct drop-off point for your departure. He will assist you out of the car with all of your luggage, ensuring that you have everything that you brought with you. Upon your return, our driver will meet you in either a pre-arranged location, or at the nearest meeting point available at the port, station or terminal. He will have a clear sign with either the booker’s name or company name and “Alpha Executive Cars”. He will then escort you to your waiting vehicle from there, load your luggage and get on the road to your return destination.

We will always monitor your inbound ship or train time to enable us to account for any early arrival or delay, so that our drivers will always be there to meet you on time, regardless of when you arrive.

The table below shows example prices to all major sea ports and railway stations/terminals from the Cambridge, Bury St. Edmunds and Ipswich areas. For a personally tailored quotation, please use our online booking enquiry form and we will ensure that you have a quotation within 4 hours.

Our prices are for up to 4 passengers and luggage and for 5-6 passengers and luggage, due to the use of our brand new trailers for carrying your luggage and equipment.

All parking charges and tolls are borne by us, to give you the peace of mind that once you have booked, there are no hidden extras.

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Alpha Executive Sea Port


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Example Pricing

Bury St.Edmunds Cambridge Ipswich
1-4 persons 5-6 persons 1-4 persons 5-6 persons 1-4 persons 5-6 persons
Harwich £67.00 £88.00 £115.00 £135.00 £37.00 £48.00
Portsmouth £175.00 £228.00 £152.00 £197.00 £187.00 £243.00
Southampton £180.00 £235.00 £150.00 £195.00 £186.00 £242.00
Ashford £147.00 £192.00 £127.00 £165.00 £135.00 £177.00
Ebbsfleet £102.00 £132.00 £84.00 £108.00 £87.00 £113.00
St. Pancras £123.00 £159.00 £105.00 £135.00 £127.00 £165.00